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Pre-Elementary Education

Students can prepare themselves for a teaching career by completing a bachelor's degree at King's and then applying to enter King's B.Ed. (After Degree) Elementary or a program at another Christian college or Canadian university.

While pursuing a three-year or four-year degree, students are advised to take nine credits of education courses as part of their degree (i.e. EDUC 251, Math/EDUC 281, and EDUC 300). Elementary teacher certification requires three credits in mathematics. MATH 281 will meet this requirement.

Students preparing for the Elementary program are also encouraged to take courses that will deepen their understanding of the content they will eventually have to teach (e.g., Canadian history, geography, human anatomy). Teacher certification requires three credits in Canadian studies.

Recommended courses

The list of recommended courses as well as our Elementary Education Minor provide ways for students interested in the Elementary Education B.Ed. program to gain background knowledge necessary for teaching.

The B.Ed. (After Degree) can normally be obtained in two years of study following the three-year bachelor's degree. Students may wish to consider completing a four-year bachelor’s degree prior to the B.Ed. (After Degree) as this will provide them with additional preparation and a higher level on the pay grid when they begin teaching. 

Students who wish to teach junior high are encouraged to complete an 18 credit teachable minor. Acceptable minor teaching areas in the first degree include but are not limited to the following:

Art, Biology/Environmental Studies*, Chemistry, CTS: Business*, CTS: Computing Science, Drama, English Language Arts, General Sciences*, General Physical Sciences*, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Physics, Second Languages and Social Studies*.

*If presenting courses from more than one subject, at least three subjects must be presented with senior courses in at least two.