Living On Campus

There is a dynamic team of residence leaders that provide programming and events to make living in residence at King's a more enjoyable experience.

Residence programming

The residence program at King’s makes the transition from home to university a little easier. A dedicated team of student leaders and staff want to make sure students have an enjoyable experience in residence.

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Residence common spaces

5:01 Lounge
A media lounge with comfortable seating, a microwave for popcorn, and a large screen television with Netflix, cable TV, and blu-ray/DVD capabilities. 

6:01 Lounge
A space created with community in mind. It has a full kitchen, dining tables, lounge chairs, and a fireplace. A few hosted events in 6:01 include Bake-a-thons, board game nights, and group dinners.

7:01 Lounge
A lounge designed for studying. The lounge comes equipped with ergonomic chairs and comfy couches. 7:01 also has a networked printer for student printing and on-demand hot water for beverages.

Apartment lounge
A large multi-use space on the main floor of the apartments. It is equipped with a large screen television with Netflix, cable TV, and Blu-ray/DVD capabilities. A networked printer is also available. This space is available for students who want to study and is used to host programmed events.

Residence events

Regular events
Residence Assistants (RAs) host events every night of the week, making sure there is always a way to get involved in the residence community. These events are typically held in 6:01. 

Large events
Larger residence events are held each semester to bring the entire residence community together. The popular Rez Rumble is a tradition on campus, with Tower and Apartment floors competing in various contests and games for prizes.

Student-initiated events

  • Students use the outdoor King's field for ultimate frisbee, soccer, and football.
  • Groups of students often explore Edmonton’s river valley and the various outdoor skating rinks together.
  • 6:01 Lounge can be booked by students for community building events, such as cooking Thanksgiving dinner for those who stay in residence over the holidays, baking cookies, and playing board games.
  • 5:01 Lounge can be booked by students for events like a movie marathon, sports, or a popular TV show.

Students’ Association events

  • The Students’ Association plans programs and events for the entire student body.
  • Learn more about the King's Students' Association, their past events, and clubs on their website. Don't see a club you were hoping to find? Talk to the SA about starting it!

Student Leaders

Residence Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who live on each floor of the tower and the apartments. RAs are trained to support residents at King’s. It is their job to organize events, handle relationship disputes, and ultimately, ensure everything is running smoothly on each floor.

Ministry Assistants (MAs) are student leaders whose encourage spiritual growth on campus. These student leaders lead small groups, bible studies, service projects, and help plan regular campus worship.


Residence Life Coordinator
Alison Exner, is the residence life coordinator and lives in residence. She is responsible for the experience of students living in residence, creating and nurturing residence culture, and providing support to help individuals thrive. The residence life coordinator oversees the work of RAs (resident assistants) in the tower and the apartment residences.

Exner, Alison

Residence Life Coordinator P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8106 F: 780-465-3534
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