Program Strategy

A Strategy for Building Awareness of EDI, Its Benefits, and Our Commitment

To raise awareness of The King’s University’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion within the Canada Research Chairs program and the broader research enterprise, the following strategies will be implemented, monitored, and amended as follows:

  • Engaging senior leadership, current King’s CRCs, the EDI Taskforce, and members of the University community in the creation and implementation of the CRC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Plan.
  • Developing a position statement on anti-racism and shared definitions of equity, diversity, and inclusion at King’s.
  • Conducting an assessment of faculty, staff, and student perceptions of diversity and inclusion (campus climate).
  • Conducting an equity audit and review of King’s policies, practices, and processes.
  • Proposing recommendations for sustainable action and a long-term strategy that will foster inclusivity and an anti-racist culture reflected in King’s policy and practice.
  • Publicly posting the CRC Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan once it is completed, as well as annual reports on the status of the Plan.

Progress Report

View a copy of our latest EDI progress report.

Governance Plan for Approval of The King’s University’s EDI Action Plan

This Plan will be approved and administered by the University’s President and Vice President Academic and Research (VPAR). The VPAR is also responsible for reviewing the plan with appropriate stakeholder groups (e.g. EDI Taskforce, Director of Human Resources, Senate, and CRCs) on a regular basis.

EDI concerns received by the institution will be directed to the Director of Human Resources, who will monitor and address the concerns, as well as report them to senior management.

Canada Research Chairs Equity Targets and Gaps

The King’s University’s target numbers are less than five and as a result they must be withheld to protect the privacy of our CRCs. CRC equity target data can be found on the Government of Canada website.

Policy Framework

All policies that govern the staffing of Canada Research Chair positions at The King’s University are administered by Human Resources and fall under the category of tenure-track faculty positions.

Canada Research Chairs Utilization and Allocation Spreadsheet

The King’s University’s current CRC Utilization and Allocation Spreadsheet can be downloaded below.