King's has been offering quality Christian university education since 1979.
Building Dedication - September 1, 1979

In 2013, The King’s University celebrated a landmark year with the inauguration of the institution’s fourth President, Dr. Melanie J. Humphreys. A gifted and strategic leader, Dr. Humphreys took office on July 2, 2013 following a lengthy search process led by a team of King’s faculty, staff, students, Senate, and Board of Governors members. The search process was initiated by the retirement of President Emeritus Dr. J Harry Fernhout (2005-2013). Dr. Fernhout was preceded by Dr. Henk Van Andel (1985- 2005) and founding President Dr. Sidney DeWaal (1979-1983).

In recent years, King’s programs have developed a partnership with and received recognition from a number of governing bodies.

Most notably, in 2011 The King’s Environmental Studies (ENVS) Program was granted professional accreditation from Environmental Careers Organization (ECO) Canada, the certifying body of the Canadian Environmental Accreditation Commission (CEAC). This Professional accreditation is in addition to the academic accreditation already granted by the Campus Alberta Quality Council. King’s is the only post-secondary institution in Canada to receive such professional recognition for an environmental studies program that includes BA and B.Sc. degrees.

In the spring of 2013, King’s signed a historic agreement with Newman Theological College to offer Bachelor of Education students the religious education courses necessary to be eligible for a continuous contract with Edmonton Catholic School District.

From the Beginning
As early as 1965, men and women of vision from diverse walks of life and various church affiliations saw the need for a regional, trans-denominational, Christian college in Western Canada. In December 1970, these people incorporated the Christian College Association (Alberta), and through a constitution and statement of principles, gave written expression to their vision of Christian higher education.

During the following years, the Association adopted a Master Development Plan to express the principles on which the College was to be founded. Many new members joined the Association, and in January 1978, the Association membership voted overwhelmingly to proceed with the opening of the College in September 1979. On November 16, 1979, the Alberta Legislature approved The King's College Act which granted a charter to The King's College.

On November 2, 1983, an official affiliation agreement was signed with the University of Alberta, ensuring that the great majority of courses at King's would transfer automatically to the University and making various University resources, such as the library and curriculum labs, available to college students. Although the affiliation agreement has since lapsed by mutual consent, The King's University continues to be listed in the Alberta Transfer Guide both as sending and as receiving institution. Since 1985, the University has received an annual operating grant from the Province of Alberta.

In 1987, The King's University was given the right to grant its first accredited degree: a three-year B.A., with concentrations in a number of disciplines. Since then, it has been authorized to offer many other degree programs, as listed in this calendar.

In the summer of 1993, the University moved into its first permanent campus. In November of that year, the Alberta legislature approved the bill changing the College's name to The King's University College.

Until 2004, degree programs at King's were authorized and accredited by the Government of Alberta upon recommendation of the Private College Accreditation Board. Currently, accreditation of new degree programs is upon recommendation to the Government by the Campus Alberta Quality Council.

In 2015, Premier and Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education, Dave Hancock granted permission for The King's University to change its name from "university college" to "university."  On November 27, 2015 a Private Bill was first presented to the Alberta Legislature to that affect. The King's University College formally became 'The King's University' on December 9, 2015.

Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, The King's University is a member of Universities Canada and the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU). The King's degrees are accredited under the Post-Secondary Learning Act of Alberta.