Government grants and loans

Government student loans are primarily based on financial need and are repayable. Government grants, which are awarded automatically based on your loan application, do not need to be repaid. Students must be Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents (including landed immigrants) to apply.

King’s is a designated institution for government student loans across Canada. Canadian students may also apply for loans if they study out of the country (special rules apply, contact your local government loan office for details). Click here to learn more about government student loans or try the Student Aid Calculator to see what you may be eligible for.

Ready to apply for Government Grants and Loans?

Funding Details

Maximum annual loan amounts are set by individual provinces (for example, the Alberta maximum is $15,000 per eight-month school year), so check with your province/territory for allowable funding amounts. Loans are both interest and payment free while you are studying full-time. The government also automatically considers you for non-repayable grants just by applying for a government student loan. 

Since loans may not cover all expenses, students are expected to contribute to their educational costs. For example, Student Aid Alberta requires that all students contribute a minimum of $1,500 to their education. Your loans will be repayable starting six months after your last day as a full-time student.

U.S. Students

If you are an American (U.S.) citizen seeking Direct Loan Funding, please contact us for more information. The King's University's Federal School Code is G26119.

International Students (excluding U.S.)

The Government of Canada does not offer loans to international students. Please consult the student funding office in your home country for more information.