Inclusion Alberta and PDD Programs

Inclusive education opportunities at King’s are supported by Inclusion Alberta, a non-profit organization, and the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) program, funded by the province of Alberta. These partnerships support students with developmental disabilities to thrive in their academics, find a place of belonging at King’s, pursue career aspirations following their King’s education, and more. 

What to expect

Join King’s for up to four years of advanced audit study leading to a certificate of completion and participation in convocation. While auditing courses, students work at an individual pace of study with flexible learning outcomes while continuing to engage in classroom experiences with their peers. All of this is done while working closely with a member of King’s Inclusive Post-Secondary Education team, instructors and staff, who assist with both class work and finding employment that aligns with your program of study.

Getting started

  • Identify a program of study at The King's University that interests you.
  • Attend a King's View Friday or open house.
  • Determine eligibility for PDD funding (mandatory) by contacting PDD Edmonton Region. PDD Edmonton Region 10258 -108 Street, Edmonton, AB, T5J 4Z7. Phone: 780.427.2817. Email:
  • Contact Krista Ly, Inclusive Education Coordinator.

More information

  • Inclusion Alberta: Family-based non-profit organization supporting adults and children with developmental disabilities, and their families/guardians.
  • Persons with Developmental Disabilities(PDD): Provincial board in partnership with community and facility boards providing programs and services that support adults with developmental disabilities and their families/guardians.