Scholarship and Award Info

Who can apply?

  • Both domestic and international current students.
  • Future students, who will have partial admission to King's by March 31.
  • To be eligible for bursaries, students must plan to enrol in at least nine credits per term.
  • To be eligible for scholarships, students must plan 12 credits per term to be eligible for scholarships. Students must register for nine credits to be eligible for bursaries.

What awards does King's offer?

  • Our awards consist of competitive bursaries (awards based on financial need) and scholarships (awards based on academic achievement) for full-time students who have enrolled in the upcoming school year.
  • Awards between $500 and $3,000.
  • For a complete list of awards, see the scholarships page.

When will I receive my award?

  • King's will email students in May if they have won an award. Students must have registered for fall term classes and have accepted their award by June 15 to receive it.
  • Award funds are released 50% in the fall term (typically September) and 50% in the winter term (typically January). King's applies awards to outstanding tuition and fees, if applicable.

What else can the Scholarships and Student Finance office help me with?

  • Provide advice on finding the right scholarships for you,
  • Help with applying for student loans and grants
  • Give advice on maintaining interest-free status on previous loans.
  • Give tips for paying off student loans faster and for alumni who are struggling to pay regularly.

For a full list of dates and deadlines, visit the important dates page.

Note: You do not have to apply for Admission and Transfer scholarships because King's automatically selects recipients.

For more information on these and other awards at King's, in addition to important dates, deadlines, and policies, refer to King's Academic Calendar

Note: Deadlines do not include Admission, Transfer, or Returning Student Scholarships.