Admission Scholarships

New students to King's are automatically considered for these non-repayable awards when they apply for admission to King's using their high school marks as the basis of admission.

Canadian High School Applicants

Award values are based upon final (grade 12) high school averages.

  • $2,000 Honours Scholarship: 80 - 89%.
  • $3,000 Excellence Scholarship: 90 - 100%.

Home School Applicants

  • To be eligible for admission scholarships, home school applicants must have grades from a standardized exam, including provincial diploma exams. If the applicant meets this requirement, then they are eligible to receive the Admission Scholarships noted in the High School Applicants section above.

AP/IB Applicants

  • For scholarship purposes, AP/IB students’ average will be calculated based on their high school course marks, in which case, automatic scholarship information is the same as the High School Applicants section above.

U.S. Applicants

  • $1000 Honours Scholarship:
    •      ACT: overall score of 28 or higher.
    •      SAT (taken after March 2016): combined average of 1270 or higher.
  • $2000 Excellence Scholarship:
    •      ACT: overall score of 31 or higher.
    •      SAT (taken after March 2016): combined average of 1400 or higher.

Students with WAEC, NECO, and SSCE Exam Results

  • $1000 Honours Scholarship.
    •      Five courses with B grades.
  • $2000 Excellence Scholarship.
    •      Five courses with A grades.

Education After-Degree Applicants

  • Scholarships are awarded based on students' last two years of study, according to the Alpha 4.00 scale. For grades based on a different grading system, equivalencies will be used. 
    • 3.30 - 3.69 = $1,000.
    • 3.70 - 4.00 = $2,000.

Computing Science Degree Applicants

  • Award value of $2,400. Students entering King’s from high school must have an average of at least 75% in their high school math and science courses to qualify. Returning King’s students must maintain the minimum Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) in the corresponding year of study:
    • Year 2 – 2.5
    • Year 3 – 2.75
    • Year 4 – 3.0

Award Disbursement Details

  • Minimum course load requirements of at least 12 credits per term must be met prior to award disbursement. All Award funds are issued as follows:
  • 50% of the full award value in the fall term (typically September) and 50% in the winter term (typically January) and are applied to outstanding tuition and fees if applicable.
  • Awards are not transferable and must be used within the term for which the award is offered. Award amounts may not be applied to spring/summer sessions. Students commencing in the winter term will only receive half of the full award value.

For more information on this and other awards at King's, in addition to important dates, deadlines, and policies, refer to the King's Academic Calendar