Reserve Collection

The Reserve Collection is located at the Circulation Desk. The purpose of this collection is to provide access to materials required or essential to a course. Loan periods vary, though the most common is two hours. This collection does not include course textbooks, in accordance with copyright regulations.

  • Items are filed by course.
  • Any material owned by the King’s Library may be placed on Reserve.
  • Items owned by other libraries may not be placed on Reserve.
  • Photocopies of specific materials can be placed on Reserve if compliant with the Access Copyright Agreement. (Contact the Library Director if unsure)
  • Personal copies of books, periodicals, or media are sometimes put on Reserve by Faculty. Please know that the library will affix a barcode and spine label onto the item. The library is not responsible for lost or damaged items.

Putting Material On Reserve

Bring the material to the library and fill-out (or drop off) a Reserve Form at the Circulation Desk. Copies of the Reserve form at available at the Service Desk or in the Public Library folder on Sharepoint. Library staff will try to have it available within 48 hours. Please do not announce reserve readings as available in the Library until you have done this.

Reserves are removed at the end of the time requested and returned to the faculty member's mailbox, unless other arrangements have been made.

Loan Periods

  • Two hours
  • Two hours and overnight (from one hour before closing and is due within 15 minutes of the next library opening)
  • One day (due before library closing the next day)
  • Two days (due before library closing two days from day borrowed)
  • One week (due before library closing one week from the time borrowed)