Library Cards

The King’s University ID card is the official library card for The King’s University Library. It is also the card used for accessing any of the other 17 libraries in the NEOS Library Consortium and off-campus electronic resources. Use of the King’s Card is subject to the terms and conditions listed on the back of the card.  

Library privileges are attached to the King’s ID card if you are one of the following:

  • Current King’s student
  • Current King’s permanent employee
  • Retired King’s faculty
  • Current King’s sessional instructor*

*Sessional accounts are open one month prior to the semester and expired two weeks after the semester.  

King's Students

Use your ID card to borrow materials and login to online resources.  This card is valid for your entire career at King's.  There is a charge for a replacement card.

King's Employees

Employee ID cards are produced by the Registry. The card is kept throughout the staff member's career at King's.  There may be a charge for a replacement card.

King’s Alumni

Alumni are eligible for an External Borrower card, which may be obtained at the service desk at no cost. This card allows you to borrow books at King's and most NEOS member libraries.  It does not provide you with off-campus access to our electronic resources. 

External, Non-King's Borrowers

You can request an External Borrower card by visiting the service desk. Alternately, you can obtain a TAL (The Alberta Library) Card at your home public library. Patrons using an External Borrower or TAL Card will be asked to show photo identification when they use the card. You are required to provide a working email address to register for either card. 

Lost Cards

Report a lost card to the Registry immediately.  You will be held responsible for all transactions on your card, this includes late fees. Replacement cards are obtained at the Registry for a fee.