Confirm Enrolment

Notify the government that you are attending full time? 

If you are not receiving a government student loan but had one previously and are attending full-time study, you must confirm your enrolment to the government to avoid interest charges and loan repayment. Students must be full-time (be in a minimum of 9 credits per term) and confirm enrolment within the study period (before classes begin or after they end is not permitted). Students with permanent disabilities may be able to take a reduced course load and still be considered full-time.

5 easy steps to confirm your enrollment

  1. Visit the Government of Canada's Student Financial Assistance website.
  2. Go to the More information tab and click NSLSC's On-Line Services.
  3. Select New User? Register and login or create an account.
  4. Select Confirmation of Enrollment Request.
  5. Submit.

IMPORTANT: Your school can only confirm your enrolment within your study period; not before and not after.

Questions? Call the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC): 1-888-815-4514.
If you're a resident of Alberta, find more information at Student Aid Alberta.