General Finance Resources

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada This federal government site offers great resources such as how to select the right credit card or bank account and also offers online calculators to help you with your budget!

Credit and Debt Counselling

These organizations help people who have some unmanageable debt in their lives. They will usually meet with you for free if you have questions about how to best pay off your debt. 

Credit Counselling Society They work to help Canadians solve debt problems, manage money better, and learn how to use credit responsibly.

Money Mentors Their mission is to educate Albertans in personal money management and the wise use of credit and to provide alternatives for families and individuals facing financial crisis. 

Authors and Books on Money

Gail Vaz-Oxlade, author of Money Rules. Gail is known for her direct approach in helping families manage their money and get out of debt. She stars in the Canadian television shows, 'Til Debt Do Us Part' and 'Princess.'

Murray Baker, author of The Debt-Free Grad. Murray is known on North-American campuses, coast to coast. 

Bruce Sellery, author of Moolala. Bruce is a personal finance contributor to many U.S. and Canadian news programs and occasionally is on CBC's Lang & O'Leary Exchange.

Dave Ramsey, author of many books, of which four titles were on the New York Times bestsellers list. Dave is one of the few well-known finance professionals that teaches from a Christian perspective. 

Suze Orman, known for her blunt financial advice throughout the U.S. on her t.v. show, Suze offers some free articles on financial topics on her website.

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