Applying for an extension of your Study Permit

Every student is responsible for checking their immigration documents to ensure their immigration status is maintained. We recommend you refer to the CIC website for up-to-date information on the application process for extensions. The following are some tips to help you navigate the website.

Things to do in the application process

1. It is recommended you apply to renew your permit at least 30 days (but no more than 90 days) before your current permit expires. Processing times may vary depending on the nature of application. To check current processing times, go here.

2. Look at the document checklist for all the documents required for this application.

3. You can apply for your study permit online or on paper.

4. You will need to contact your sponsor for proof of funds available/means of support. This includes:

  • Letter from sponsor saying that he/she will be supporting you
  • Proof of his/her financial standing
                        -Bank statement OR
                        -A letter from employer with yearly earnings listed

5. You will also need to go to the Registry and request the following:

Letter from Registrar (Green Sheet)
Information wanted

  • registration in current academic year
  • year of study
  • program and concentration
  • anticipated graduation

Name of Addressee: Citizenship and Immigration – Study Permit

Mailing Address:

       Case Processing Centre
       6212 – 55th Ave, Unit 101
       Vegreville AB T9C 1X5

Pick Up

Photocopies of transcripts (Blue Sheet)

      - Do not fill in “Mail and/or Fax Transcripts to” box
      - Pick Up
      - Letter requested

6. Pay your fees online OR at a financial institution

  • Print an official receipt
  • Bring receipt to bank or credit union and pay the amount
  • Keep one section and send the other with your application

7. If you are applying on paper, mail your application to the Case Processing Centre in Vegreville.

Note: It is important you remain in Canada while you are waiting to receive a response. You may be unable to return to Canada if you leave without valid study permit.

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