International Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Arts, Science, Business & Music Degrees

  • Applicants from outside of Canada will be considered for admission on presentation of an academic high school program similar to the Alberta program. Specific admission requirements may vary depending upon the applicant’s country of origin.
  • Complete five academic Grade 12 courses:
    • One course must be academic English
    • Three courses must be Academic (examples: Social Studies, Language, Math, Calculus, Science, Fine Arts)
    • The fifth course may be any academic or non-academic Grade 12 course carrying normal weight
      • Cannot be Special Projects or Work Experience
      • Two courses of lower course weight may be substituted for the fifth course
  • Meet any Program-Specific Requirements
  • English Proficiency Requirements

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United States Admission Requirements


  • Overall score of 20 or higher, with no individual score below 15 in the English, Math, Reading and Science sections

SAT (Written before March 2016)

  • Combined score of 1500 or higher on reading, math and writing, with no individual score less than 400

SAT (Written after March 2016)

  • Combined score of 1100 or higher on reading, math and writing, with no individual score less than 550

Program-Specific Requirements

  • Science prerequisites can be met by completing the corresponding SAT exam
  • Math component of ACT and SAT exams satisfy King's Math prerequisite.