General Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Arts, Science, Commerce & Music Degrees

The King's University offers non-competitive admission. Students who meet the following admission requirements can expect admission to King's:

General Admission Requirements

High School Applicants

For students currently in high school or are under the age of 21 with no previous post-secondary education

Advanced Placement (AP) Applicants

For students who have taken AP courses

International Baccalaureate (IB) Applicants

For students who have taken IB courses

International Applicants

For students who require a study visa to attend King's

Homeschool Applicants

For students who have completed high school through a home education program

Mature Applicants

For applicants who will be 21+ years of age in their term of  study with no previous post-secondary education.

Transfer Applicants

For applicants with previous post-secondary education, including Bible College and YWAM