General Homeschool Admission Requirements

Applicants who attended a homeschool are evaluated for admission on an individual basis. 

Students who have completed high school through homeschooling are required to submit the following:

  • General King’s admission application, including the application fee and letter of recommendation.
  • Transcripts from provincial departmental exams.

Note: It is in the student’s best interest to present results of standardized tests in addition to the above requirements. Such tests may include provincial departmental results, ACT, SAT, or Abekka scores.

Proficiency in program-specific areas
Homeschool students who wish to enter Science, Business, Environmental Studies, or four-year Psychology programs will need to meet additional program-specific requirements. Students may demonstrate proficiency in program-specific requirements by one of the following methods. 

  • Please note that if a student does not demonstrate proficiency in program-specific areas, the student will be advised to enrol in an undeclared program and pass introductory program-specific classes before switching into their intended major.


  • Math 30-1 provincial diploma exam
  • King’s on-campus Math Competency Exam
  • SAT/ACT exam

Biology, Chemistry, or Physics

  • Completion of the corresponding provincial diploma exam.
  • An interview with a Science faculty member at King’s. 
    • After applying for admission, an interview can be scheduled with a Science faculty member who will ask questions and assess the student’s knowledge of the subject area.
    • Completion of the corresponding SAT exam.