General AP Admission Requirements

  • AP courses can be used for admission purposes, in whole or in part
  • If a student has an AP course and a regular course in the same subject, the higher of the two grades will be used for admission

AP Admission

  • For admission with AP courses, each course must have a score of 3 or higher
  • Must have 5 grade 12 courses
    • 1 must be grade 12 academic English
    • 3 standard courses (Examples:  Social Studies, Languages, Math, Calculus, Science, Fine Arts)
    • The remaining course may be any academic or non-academic grade 12 course carrying normal weight
  • Must meet English Proficiency and program-specific requirements
  • To be considered for transfer credit, an AP course must have a score of 4 or higher
  • Credit assessment is done on an individual basis.
  • Please see the Alberta Transfer Guide for more details.


AP Admission with Transfer Credit

Course Equivalencies

*Please note that this list is not exhaustive and is subject to change

AP Course Transfers As
Art History ARTH 200/201 (6*)
Art Studio (Drawing) ARTS 2xx (6*)
Art Studio (General) ARTS 2xx (6*)
Biology   BIOL 2xx (3*)
Calculus AB  
MATH 200 (3*)
Calculus AB/BC   MATH 205 (3*)
Calculus BC  MATH 200/205 (6*)
Chemistry   CHEM 200/201 (6*)
Computer Science A   CMPT 300 (3*)
Economics (Macroeconomics)   ECON 204 (3*)
Economics (Microeconomics)   ECON 203 (3*)
English (Literature & Composition) 
ENGL 2xx (3*)
French (Language)   FREN 2xx (6*)
German (Language)   Option 2xx (6*)
Gov. and Politics (Comparative)   POLI 2xx (3*)
History (European)   HIST 2xx (3*)
History (United States)   HIST 3xx (3*)
Latin (Vergil/Catullus/Horace)   Option 2xx (6*)
Music (Listening/Literature)   MUSI 2xx (3*)
Physics C (Electricity & Magnetism)   PHYS 241/243 (6*)
Physics C (Mechanics)   PHYS 241 (3*)
Physics C (Mechanics)/(Electricity & Magnetism) 
PHYS 241/243 (6*)
Spanish (Language)  Option 2xx (6*)

AP Transcripts

  • When students write their AP exams, they have the option of listing which post-secondary institutions they would like official copies of their transcripts sent to.  If the student does this, then King’s will receive the transcripts.
  • King’s does not receive AP transcripts automatically.  Therefore, if the student does not complete the above, s/he will need to contact the AP office and request for official transcripts to be sent to King’s.
  • If the student receives grades lower than 4 in each subject, which is needed for transfer credit, and they have at least 5 grade 12 courses, we can use their high school grades for admission and we will not require copies of their AP transcripts.