Manitoba high school students will be accepted for admission based on the following criteria. If you do not think you are eligible for admission, contact one of King's Admissions Officers and they will be happy to review your options with you.


  • Five academic Grade 12 courses with an overall average of 60%:
    • One course must be English 40S Comprehensive, Literary or Transactional Focus.
    • Three courses must be Standard (see chart below for Standard courses).
    • The fifth course may be a Standard or Non-Standard course carrying normal weight (see list below for Non-Standard courses).
      • Cannot be Special Projects or Work Experience.
      • Two courses of lower course weight may be substituted for the fifth course.
  • Meet any Program-Specific Requirements.
  • English Proficiency.

Standard Courses

Language 40S-level language
Algebra Pre-Calculus 40S
Other Math  Applied Math 40S

Intro to Calculus 45S,
Advanced Math 45S

Social Studies Western Civ 40S,
World Issues 40S,
History 40S,
World Geography 40S
Science Biology 40S,
Chemistry 40S,
Computer Science 40S,
Physics 40S
Fine Arts 40 G/S Art,
Musical Theatre

Non-Standard Courses

A maximum of one non-standard course may be presented for admission:

  • Canadian Studies 40S
  • Economics 40S
  • Family Studies 40S  
  • Law 40S

Alternative Admission
An applicant who cannot present five acceptable courses, but can present a 70% average on four courses, may be admitted as an Unclassified Student to take an approved course for credit. A grade of C- or better in the course will allow the student to be considered for regular admission in the following term.

If you don’t think you are eligible for admission into King’s, don’t lose hope! Contact one of our Admissions Officers and they will be happy to review your options with you.