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7 Meal-Prep Tips to Help You Love Food & Love Yourself

Aug 16, 2019

This blog is all about food, but instead of recipes, I am going to talk about different kinds of meal prepping tips and ideas to make meal prepping a little easier for you.

Tip #1: Sales
The first step is buying your food and what better way to save money than to buy items that are on sale? This will help you meal prep on a budget.

Tip #2: Meatless Meal
It is smart to include protein in your meal prep but it is also very important to include your greens! If you plan to have a lot more protein in your meals throughout the week, have one day where you focus more on eating greens to get the nutrients you need. Or you could always balance your protein with your greens and get the best of both worlds!

Tip #3: Grains
Do not ignore your grains! It is very important to include grains into your diet because it is a good way to get your fiber in. Try to incorporate grains in the breakfast and snack portion of your meal plans.

Tip #4: Breakfast and Snacks
Meal planning is not all about the main courses you are going to have every day. Make sure you plan for a healthy and filling breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and another snack before you go to bed. I also like to plan the times for when I am going to eat my snacks and dinner to get my body use to a routine.

Tip #5: Extras
Plan to make extras so that you do not have to make a new food item every day. Make a portion for yourself, and double it so that you can have the same meal a couple of times in a week, or in preparation for next week!

Tip #6: Leftovers
Speaking of making extras so you have more for next week, leftovers are a good way to avoid being stumped about what to make. Having leftovers allows you to pack efficiently, save time, and if you make a good meal one day, you can have that same good meal the next day!

Tip #7: Treat Yourself
I say this every time but it is true. Treat yourself because you and your body deserve it every now and then. Treating yourself doesn’t always mean indulging in unhealthy foods, it could also mean finding alternatives to treats that you like. Healthy desserts can be yummy too!

Important takeaway from this blog: love food and love yourself!

Yours truly,

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